Two Birds on A Branch – A Novel by: Izabelle Kiara Kurniawan


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The story revolves around two sisters, Avery and Audrey who lived a quiet life on a farm in rural American Land. Together with their parents, they seemed to have been born into a perfect loving family. The father ran a farm, the mother ran the family, and the two sisters did quite well at school, despite Avery almost always got an upper hand in many aspects of their lives.

Interestingly, Avery – the older sister had a secret that was kept from them for years by their parents. Despite the resentment that normally occurs between siblings, everything went quite well until teenage life hit them. As they faced challenges and discovered the long-kept secrets their bond was put to the test. Would their love be strong enough to hold their sisterhood together? Or would it turn into chaos? What challenges did they go through? Romance? Friendships? Family? Rivalry? We shall find out soon enough.