Buku: Kacamata


(pre-order s.d. 31 Maret)


kacamata. glasses.

a simple, plain, ordinary thing.

but full of meaning.

glasses help us see the wonders of the world.

how the grass sways by the wind.

how the morning dew falls from the leaves.

how the sun wakes us up in the morning,

and how the moon lulls us to sleep in the evening.

but glasses also make us see the other, rougher things.

how the rocks are eroded by water.

how the trees came crashing, tumbling down by a storm.

and how the mother bird,

looks for food and return to her nest,

only to find her sons eaten by a snake

sometimes, our hopes and dreams come to life.

but often, we just don’t get our way.

should we cry? probably.

should we rage? probably not.

however, among other things,

the way we react to life comes down to one thing:

our glasses. kacamata.